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MATLAB and the Internet of Things
Building Internet of Things Applications with MATLAB
Date:26.4.2017 (Wednesday), od 9:00
Location:BEST WESTERN PREMIER Hotel International Brno, Brno, Czech Republic
Speaker:Rainer Mümmler (MathWorks)
Internet of Things (IoT) describes an emerging trend where a large number of embedded devices (things) are connected to the Internet. These connected devices communicate with people and other things and often provide sensor data to cloud storage and cloud computing resources where the data is processed and analyzed to gain important insights.
IoT solutions are built for many vertical applications such as environmental monitoring and control, health monitoring, vehicle fleet monitoring, industrial monitoring and control, and home automation.
MATLAB and Simulink products support IoT systems by helping you develop and test edge node devices, access and aggregate data, and analyze IoT sensor data and model communications channels. In this seminar, we also show how you can use ThingSpeak as an IoT data aggregation platform and how you can prototype and deploy an IoT system with data analytics without developing custom web software or servers.
Seminar topics include
  • Overview of IoT workflow with MATLAB and Simulink
  • Using MATLAB and Simulink to access and aggregate data, analyze and visualize data, and develop and test edge node devices
  • Using MATLAB and ThingSpeak to create your own IoT system
9:00Registration and Welcome
9:30Brief introduction to MATLABIoT workflow with MATLAB and Simulink
10:45Using MATLAB and ThingSpeakBuilding IoT Applications with MATLAB and Simulink: case study
11:45Discussion, Q&A
About the Presenter
Dr. Rainer Mümmler works as a Senior Application Engineer at the MathWorks. He focuses on topics like Data Analytics, Hardware Connectivity, Image Processing and the Internet of Things. Prior to MathWorks he worked for different companies in the Aerospace Industry. Rainer Mümmler has a degree in Aerospace Engineering (TU Munich) and during his PhD work at the University of the Armed Forces Munich he did a modernization of a tri-sonic wind tunnel and aerodynamic research.

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