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International Conference
Prague 2017
MATLAB & Simulink and dSPACE User Conference
Date:8.11.2017 (Wednesday), registration at 8:30 AM
Location:Masarykova kolej, Praha, Czech Republic
Information for Authors
The conference proceedings will consist of printed Abstract Proceedings and CD-ROM Proceedings with full papers and presentations in electronic form. CD-ROM Proceedings can contain also paper-related MATLAB / Simulink examples and models, as well as presentations of participant organisations and other general information.
Conference proceedings will be revieved by conference committee and registered within ISBN and ISSN.
Please send your materials by e-mail to, if you are already registered.
Extended abstracts 1xA4 in the PDF format.
Full papers for CD Proceedings in the PDF format, number of pages is not limited, file size max 5MB (more upon request).
If you plan to submit also additional information, like MATLAB / Simulink examples and presentations, these can be submitted in a plain text form, M, MDL, MPH, HTML, PDF, JPG or PPT formats.
Paper presentation options
  • Paper with presentation (default form of participation) - inform us about planned presentation time, please (10 to 20 minutes).
  • Poster
  • Proceedings
Requirements for all proceedings submissions
  • Languages: Czech, Slovak, English
  • Page size: A4 (not Letter)
  • Length: Abstract - 1 page, Full paper - max. 5MB
  • Format: PDF
  • Margins: Top / Bottom 2 cm, Left / Right 2.5 cm
  • Paper Title: Times New Roman, Capitals, 16pt, Bold, Centered
  • Author Names: Centered beneath the title, plain Italics
  • Author Affiliations: Centered beneath author names, normal font face
  • Other contact information can be placed at the end of an article (address, email, phone etc.)
  • Abstract submissions 27.9.2017.
  • Notification of Acceptance 13.10.2017.
  • Full paper submissions 20.10.2017.
Sample of an Abstract and a Full Paper in the DOC format
Sample of an Abstract and a Full Paper in TEX
Humusoft requires a non-exclusive copyright license for all the papers presented at the conference and for the presentation materials. This includes potential distribution in conference proceedings, on a conference CD-ROM and/or conference website.
By submitting your paper, you agree with its distribution by Humusoft, as mentioned above.
Technical information
Presentation equipment:
  • Presentation notebook with MS Windows operating system
  • Software: Current release of MATLAB, MS Office, Adobe Reader
  • Dataprojector 1024x768 (VGA)
Presenters can use our presentation notebook, or use their own computer that will be connected to the data projector. You can send your presentation ahead or copy them to the presentation notebook during the breaks before your presentation using one of the following media: CD ROM, DVD ROM, USB flash disk.
Contact person: Jiří Šusta (
Poster Panels:
Poster Panels will be installed in the foyer of the conference room. Please display your poster between 8:30 and 9:30.
Dimensions of poster panels:
  • 16pcs - 84 × 118 [height x width cm]
Should you have any specific requirements on the conference hall equipment, please contact us ahead, we will try to accommodate to your needs.
Please inform us immediately if you cannot present your paper from any reason - thank you.

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