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Educational Models
HUMUSOFT produces a family of educational models for teaching control systems engineering. Models are designed to allow students apply their control engineering knowledge to carry out experiments with real dynamic systems. In such a way, student's engineering sense can be effectively developed.
HUMUSOFT educational scale models are distributed worldwide by TecQuipment Ltd, United Kingdom as a part of their Control Engineering product range.
All systems are controlled by a PC and are supplied with Windows and Simulink Desktop Real-Time based controllers. Together with the model, the user obtains a comprehensive technical and educational documentation including corresponding mathematical models and recommended range of experiments. Source codes facilitating the development of customised controllers also provided. Systems are directly accessible from Simulink environment in real time. This allows to perform more sophisticated experiments including system identification, state estimation and adaptive, nonlinear, fuzzy and neural network based controller design.
A unique feature of the models is the flexibility in accessing the hardware using the Simulink Desktop Real-Time. For instance, it is possible to use Simulink Desktop Real-Time, together with the USB camera and multifunction I/O card, which form a part of CE151 Ball & Plate Apparatus, to carry out general real-time image processing experiments. All models are also compatible with Simulink Desktop Real-Time which is a standard solution for real-time control by The MathWorks.
picture Example of simple Ball & Plate Apparatus controller Simulink schema.

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