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Pracujte pro firmy, kde využijete své znalosti MATLAB & Simulink a dSPACE
Nabízená pozice:Senior Engineer - Power Electronics Vloženo:29. duben 2022 Společnost:Eaton Innovation Center Kontaktní osoba:Katerina Furlongova Telefon:+420 739 521 812 Místo pracoviště:Prague, Innovation Centre
About the research and the project:
Eaton is looking for a Senior Power Electronics Engineer to develop innovative solutions for our power conversion and circuit protection products at the Eaton European Innovation Center in Prague (EEIC), Czech Republic.
In this role you will be responsible for computer simulation, design and development, and further comprehensive testing of power electronics devices, with a focus on power switching and thermal behavior.
A good blend of technical knowledge and business acumen is required to be successful in this position.
The individual will be a member of the global Power Electronics (PE) Center of Excellence (CoE) team.

Responsibilities for this role are:
  • Lead power electronics design and development activities and demonstrate start-finish ownership for the assigned project and task;
  • Perform design, electrical and basic thermal simulation, development of power electronics, including analog and digital electronics, for power conversion and circuit protection;
  • Create technical reports and presentations;
  • Build prototypes, perform electrical, thermal and lifetime tests, analyze data to improve/optimize the design in terms of performance, size, cost, manufacturability, and reliability;
  • Collaborate with and support mechanical, PCB layout, and firmware engineers to successfully develop and validate the design.
We would like you to bring:
  • BS in electrical engineering or equivalent;
  • Experience in power electronics engineering work (including graduate level academic power electronics engineering work;
  • Significant modeling, simulation and analysis experience using tools like Matlab/Simulink, SPICE, and/or PLECS;
  • Proven hands-on experience with power electronics devices development and testing;
  • Ability to learn new skills, knowledge, industry, or products.

What other skills would be evaluated but not essential:
  • MS or PhD in electrical engineering or equivalent with focus on power electronics;
  • Strong knowledge of power semiconductors, power electronics snubber networks and protection components (varistors, transient voltage suppressors), state-of-the-art cooling techniques;
  • Experience with power electronics-related circuits, specifically advanced gate drivers, isolated current and voltage sensors, auxiliary power supplies;
  • Understanding of PCB layout and EMC/EMI design practices, of voltage clearance/creepage requirements, insulation and interconnection techniques;
  • Familiarity with control methods, experience with microcontrollers and digital signal processors.

What we can offer to you:
  • Excellent working environment – friendly team and much more (yoga, table tennis on site)
  • Learning & Development - we invest in our employees for the long term – not just with salary and benefits but with ongoing learning and development opportunities made available through Eaton University
  • Unique career development in various industrial sectors, in EEIC and international Eaton locations 
  • Team of professionals, opportunity to learn new technologies.
  • Being close to other innovation projects in Eaton

About EEIC:
The Eaton European Innovation Center (EEIC) offers an exciting, engaging, and fun environment for creative engineers who are looking for great learning, advancement, and technology leadership opportunities in a broad range of technological fields and in a highly diverse team of researchers and engineers.

With almost 150 employees we are a vibrant Engineering and Innovation Center for electrical, vehicle, hydraulic, and aerospace applications for the region focus on businesses in Europe, Middle-East & Africa.

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