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HeavyHorse Workstation
The Powerful HeavyHorse workstations model line now contains models based on the newest AMD EPYC processors. The new 128-thread models make an unique platform for demanding parallel computing tasks and provide an unbeatable performance to power consumption and price ratio.
All models are now equipped with NVIDIA QUADRO series graphic cards. GPU computing is supported by optional NVIDIA TESLA card.
picture Typical configuration of parallel job for a computing cluster, realized on a single HeavyHorse workstation.
The HeavyHorse series of workstations is designed for maximum performance in highly demanding numerical calculations and data processing.
Modern software tools for numerical computing allow users to execute calculation with large size data. They also support parallel algorithms, which can strongly reduce calculating time. To fully utilize these capabilities, a multi-processor computing system is necessary. The solution of using many processors within one workstation brings many advantages over a LAN-based computing cluster – improved performance, easier management of parallel applications, power and space efficiency.

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