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dSPACE and its application areas

Bring your visions and ideas to life quickly and reliably with innovative and reliable software and hardware tools.

Transfer your algorithms and simulations to the real-time area and thus increase the effectiveness of verification and validation of your systems.

dSPACE autonomous vehicles and assistance systems

Autonomous vehicles and assistance systems

Whether it's topics like Data Logging, Data Enrichment, Machine Learning, Data Replay, Scenario Generation or Sensor Simulation, dSPACE provides the tools to help turn your ideas into reality.

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The specific requirements for electric drives have long been known to dSPACE, which makes them a reliable and flexible partner, both for individual projects and for complex end-to-end solutions. E-mobility can develop into a real alternative industry, thanks to an individually scalable toolchain for the development and testing of electric motors, fuel cells and charging infrastructure.

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Aviation industry

High-performance development environment.

dSPACE products are used in a wide range of aerospace application areas, such as engine control development and control element testing.

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Development of control units at universities using proven and standard industry tools.

dSPACE offers universities and research institutions flexible systems that provide all the possibilities necessary for model-based development of mechatronic controllers in an academic environment.

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Another industry

Simplified control development.

Wherever mechatronic control systems are used (in drives, industrial automation, medical applications and others), controllers must perform increasingly complex tasks.

Although dSPACE is number one in automotive areas, the portfolio of tools and powerful hardware systems can also be applied in the implementation of projects in other research and industrial areas such as aerospace, medical engineering, filling machines, gas turbines for maritime transport.

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Complete overview of application areas

Hardware overview Software overview

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dSPACE product news

Overview of news, improvements and solutions in the current version of dSPACE systems.

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dSPACE hardware - SCALEXIO, a modular real-time system

The dSPACE SCALEXIO product line includes highly flexible and modular systems in several assemblies for use in hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) and rapid control prototyping (RCP) applications for various industries such as automotive, automation, aerospace, medical , transport or research. High computing power and comprehensive bus support is an ideal combination for the most demanding applications that you will be working on today and in the future. Applications include highly automated and autonomous driving, electromobility, and increased network communication powered by modern E/E architectures.

Key properties

  • Scalable to any computing and I/O requirements
  • For laboratory and in-vehicle applications
  • High-performance processor technology for real-time calculations of large and complex simulation models
  • Comprehensive, accurate and fast I/O features built on FPGA technology
  • Openness to several third-party simulation environments through Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) support

The systems are available in various versions to meet the specific requirements of the given project.

Complete overview of hardware and software

dSPACE SCALEXIO, modular real-time system
dSPACE laboratory system

Laboratory system

The SCALEXIO LabBox is suitable for a wide range of applications such as RCP, functional testing, test station control and as a base system for custom HIL assemblies. The compact structure fits on an office desk and offers space for up to 18 SCALEXIO I/O boards, which you can easily replace and thus adapt the system for different projects.

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In-Vehicle System

Due to its resistance to shocks and vibrations, the SCALEXIO AutoBox is a suitable device for testing directly inside vehicles such as cars and trucks, trains, agricultural and construction machinery. AutoBox is optimized for use in a vehicle. It is thus ideal for test drives during the development of components such as electric drive units, chassis control, or functions for assisted, highly automated and autonomous driving.

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Off-the-Shelf systems for HIL tests

“Off-the-shelf” (OTS) systems offer enough space for MultiCompact I/O units, HighFlex boards and SCALEXIO I/O boards. Unlike the laboratory SCALEXIO, OTS includes integrated fault insertion and current measurement capability with comprehensive software support.

OTS SCALEXIO for HIL applications comes in 9 HU and 12 HU variants and is ideal for individual ECUs under test.

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Custom systems

dSPACE Engineering Services provide systems tailored to specific customer requirements. These customized rack-mounted SCALEXIO systems provide maximum flexibility and can be easily expanded.

Typical areas of use include extensive tests of electronic control units within a single network, as well as tests involving electronic loads, or complete virtual vehicles.

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Mechanical test assemblies

dSPACE offers highly dynamic test stations for testing complex mechatronic systems. In order to achieve realistic behavior of the tested components, test stations use real components, such as an electric motor, or realistic mechanical loads.

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AUTERA is a product line designed for data-driven development in the field of autonomous driving and driver assistance. Its basic member is the AUTERA AutoBox – a robust modular system for data logging and prototyping with excellent performance. It can read, process and record raw data from lidar, radar and camera sensors as well as automotive busses. It has a network with the best bandwidth in its class.

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MicroAutoBox III is the next generation of the established dSPACE MicroAutoBox system. A system for rapid prototyping of in-vehicle functions, all in real time.

MicroAutoBox III uniquely combines high performance, comprehensive automotive I/O including bus and network support, and an extremely compact and robust design - all at an affordable price . A comprehensive software environment allows you to configure, program and operate the system easily and with minimal effort.

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MicroLabBox is an all-in-one development system for the laboratory that combines compact dimensions and low system cost with high performance and versatility.

MicroLabBox allows you to quickly and easily set up your control, test or measurement applications. It will help you turn your new management concepts into reality. With more than 100 I/O channels of various types, the MicroLabBox is a universal system that can be used in mechatronic research and development fields such as robotics, medical technology, electric drive control, renewable energy, vehicle construction or the aerospace industry.

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Complete overview of hardware and software

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dSPACE software

dSPACE provides a number of software tools for configuring real-time applications, performing experiments during runtime testing and other phases and scenarios of development and verification.

SW tools can be classified into groups according to the purpose of use:

The systems are available in various versions to meet the specific requirements of the given project.

Complete overview of hardware and software

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dSPACE software tools

dSPACE for schools

ACE Kit - Advanced Control Education Kit

Specially combined packages of very powerful hardware and comprehensive software tools for universities. Designed for development and testing of control systems during teaching and/or research.

dSPACE ACE kits facilitate the realization of even the most complex control concepts, from the initial design using block diagrams to the final online optimization of the controller in real time.

Detailed information about the ACE KIT

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dSPACE at the Technical Computing Camp conference

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