Legacy educational models that we no longer sell

HUMUSOFT produced educational models for teaching control theory. When working with these models, students can apply their theoretical knowledge directly to experiments with real dynamical systems. This way of working is important for the development of students' engineering skills.

CE 150 Helicopter Model

  • Multidimensional naturally unstable system with three controlled inputs and two measured outputs with significant crosscouplings, designed for the study of dynamical systems, as well as for experiments supporting Control Theory.
  • Compact benchtop configuration, designed for digital control by an industrial controller or IBM PC compatible computer.
  • Hardware and software interfaces support identification and real-time control from Simulink.
  • Wide range of control experiments is possible, including design of a two-term controller with prior decoupling of system transfer matrix, state feedback decoupling techniques, robust controller invariant to changes in centre of gravity of the helicopter body, etc.
  • Interface libraries written in C language and demonstration software package with PID controllers included.

The system consists of a body, carrying two propellers driven by DC motors, and a massive support. The body has two degrees of freedom. Both body position angles (elevation and azimuth) are influenced by rotation of propellers. The axes of a body rotation are perpendicular. DC motors are driven by power amplifiers using pulse width modulation. Both angles are measured by IRC sensors. Centre of gravity is changed by moving small weight along the main horizontal axis of helicopter by a servomotor. The mathematical model of the helicopter system is a typical MIMO 2x2 system with significant crosscouplings. The electromechanical system can be linearized to a linear sixth-order model when operating near the steady state. As the third input can be considered high speed moving of centre of gravity controlled by servo system.

Range of Experiments

An extensive range of experiments can be carried out with this apparatus:

Dimensions and Weights
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