Legacy educational models that we no longer sell

HUMUSOFT produced educational models for teaching control theory. When working with these models, students can apply their theoretical knowledge directly to experiments with real dynamical systems. This way of working is important for the development of students' engineering skills.

CE 151 Ball & Plate Model

  • Two dimensional system with second-order astatism designed for studying system dynamics and experimenting with number of different control algorithms based on classical and modern control theory.
  • Compact benchtop configuration, designed for on-line digital control by IBM PC computer, or compatible with frame grabber and motor controller plug-in cards.
  • Intelligent ball position sensor represented by vision system based on CCD camera, Multifunction I/O Board and Real Time Image processing software.
  • Control tasks simulate various problems from robotics (path planning and tracking) taking the advantage of visual feedback.
  • Interface libraries written in Borland C language and demonstration software package with PID controllers available.
  • System accessible directly from Simulink environment in real time.

The scale model demonstrates control problems associated with unstable systems. The system consists of a plate pivoted at its centre such that the slope of the plate can be manipulated in two perpendicular directions. A servo system consisting of motor controller card and two stepper motors is used for tilting the plate. Intelligent vision system is used for measurement of a ball position. The basic control task is to control the position of a ball freely rolling on a plate. The Ball&Plate system is a dynamic system with two inputs and two outputs. Both coordinates can be controlled independently as their mutual interactions are negligible due to low velocity and acceleration rate of the ball movement. The system is naturally sampled as both actuators and sensor are of a digital, discrete time nature. The system is designed to be controlled by digital controllers.

Range of Experiments

An extensive range of experiments can be carried out with this apparatus:

Dimensions and Weights
Sketch description

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