Legacy educational models that we no longer sell

HUMUSOFT produced educational models for teaching control theory. When working with these models, students can apply their theoretical knowledge directly to experiments with real dynamical systems. This way of working is important for the development of students' engineering skills.

CE 152Magnetic Levitation Model

  • One dimensional strongly nonlinear unstable system designed for studying system dynamics and experimenting with number of different control algorithms based on classical and modern control theory.
  • Compact benchtop configuration, designed for on-line digital control by IBM PC computer, or 100% compatible with data acquisition A/D and D/A convertor plug-in cards.
  • Ball position linear sensor connected to A/D convertor.
  • Interface libraries written in Borland C language and demonstration software package with PID controllers available.
  • System accessible directly from Simulink environment in real time.
  • Coil overheat protection with signalisation.
  • Optional dSPACE controller.

The scale model demonstrates control problems associated with nonlinear unstable systems. The system consists of a coil levitating a steel ball in magnetic field. Position of the steel ball is sensed by an inductive linear position sensor connected to A/D convertor. The coil is driven by a power amplifier connected to D/A convertor. The basic control task is to control the position of the ball freely levitating in the magnetic field of the coil. The Magnetic Levitation system is a nonlinear dynamic system with one input and one output. The system is designed to be controlled by digital controllers, but as of its nature using analog controllers is also possible (analog controllers are not included).

Range of Experiments

An extensive range of experiments can be carried out with this apparatus:

Dimensions and Weights
Sketch description

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